Category: Stormwater Symposium

394553 - A flexible framework for modeling surface-subsurface hydraulic and water quality processes

Monday, Jun 4
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

In this presentation GIFMOD, a new flexible and user-friendly modeling tool for forward and inverse modeling of environmental processes in the surface, subsurface, and the vadose zone will be introduced. GIFMOD can be used to model flow, particle transport and reactive transport in systems composed of streams, ponds, soil, groundwater, catchments, and plants. Transport of multiple classes of particles undergoing settling, resuspension, filtration, and remobilization can also be modeled. The model also allows prediction of transport and reaction of user defined water quality constituents in the system based on user-provided reaction networks and biokinetics rate expressions. Plants can be considered as individual blocks uptaking water and chemicals through their root system. The modeling framework allows users to represent the system they intend to model with the desired level of complexity and only include the processes they deem essential in the processes. GIFMOD also has a built-in parameter estimation capability both for doing point estimates using a hybrid genetic algorithm and probabilistic parameter estimation using Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm. The flexibility of the tool allows it to be applied to a wide range of systems ranging from stream networks, stream-catchment systems, surface water-groundwater interaction, batch and column experiments, best management practices, and groundwater flow and reactive transport among others. I will demonstrate the utility of GIFMOD to simulate flow and transport in a stream, bioretention, infiltration basin and permeable pavement GI systems.

Co-Authors: Jamal Alikhani, Graduate Student – The Catholic University of America; Fatemeh Fallah, Post graduate researcher – The Catholic University of America

Arash Massoudieh

Associate Professor
The Catholic University of America