Track 4: This New World: Preservation technology and emerging issues within our historic buildings and built landscapes

CS4.1 Preservation and the Digital Future

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: BNCC-106BC
CE: 1.5

With our need to continually find better ways of assessing and managing our numerous heterogeneous cultural resources, we are more often turning to emerging technologies for assistance. Unraveling an idiomatic mystery with technology that is in its infancy or perhaps not yet even in existence, necessitates custom hi-tech creativity to provide a new generation of technological solutions that promotes improved information coordination, welcomes collaboration, and allows the future to inform the past. The seeming dissonance between the past and the future; the dichotomy of using digital technology to preserve the analog past is discussed through the use of case studies and expositions on how emerging technology employs need-driven creative approaches to a lack of current applicable methods that resolve existing challenges. Open-source development, real time modeling, high-resolution photogrammetry, specialized comprehensive data collection and storage systems, and digital representations through 3-D modeling and virtual environments are several methods that are discussed.

This course qualifies for HSW credit with AIA and RCEP.

Learning Objectives:


Elisabeth Bakker Johnson

Elisabeth Bakker Johnson is an Associate Project Coordinator for the New York State University Construction Fund. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Math and Computer Science from Roberts Wesleyan College, a Masters of Architecture from SUNY Buffalo and a Masters of Science in Building Conservation from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. With over 26 years of New York state service, Elisabeth has extensive experience in facilities management and within all phases of the design and construction industry, where she has worked alongside the Capitol Architect and in many other capacities on dozens of projects, most notably the 49-million-dollar Phase 4 New York State Capitol roof and skylight replacement project. She also has several years’ experience working at the New York State Historic Preservation Office and as an Historic Preservation Restoration Coordinator helping to facilitate restoration projects among the state-owned historic sites’ inventory in New York’s Capital District.

Elisabeth has published several articles, some of which can be found in the Encyclopedia of 20th-Century Architecture, where she has five entries related to historic Dutch architecture. As one of the founding Board members of APTNE, a former APTNE Vice President, and as a licensed architect, she continues to champion her longtime passions of architecture and historic preservation through her commitment to several preservation organizations and through any other capacity where she can make a difference.


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Zach Soflin, Registered Architect

BVH Architecture

Zach is a licensed architect at BVH Architecture. With seven years of experience, he has developed a special interest in computational applied design and research. His work includes projects of various sizes, applying divergent design solutions anchored in research and data-driven analysis. Zach’s desire for knowledge and collective exploration has positioned him as a thought leader within BVH, co-leading the initiative.

Recent Projects:
-State of Nebraska Statewide Historic Building Survey
-Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Gateway Arch HSR
-Nebraska State Capitol Restoration
-Fort Smith National Historic Site HSR
-Fort Atkinson State Historical Park Restoration
-Thesis on Data Driven Architecture
-Layer Platform


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Donna Andrews, preservation professional

Regional Historic Preservation Officer
US General Services Administration, Mid-Atlantic Region

Donna Andrews is the Regional Historic Preservation Officer and Regional Fine Arts Officer for the US General Services Administration's Mid-Atlantic Region. The Mid-Atlantic Region is headquartered in Philadelphia PA and includes portions of six Mid-Atlantic states. Donna looks after a collection of 29 historic federal buildings, courthouses, and custom houses as well as a collection of 97 installed artworks, many of which are located in the region's historic buildings.


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Battle Brown

Manassas Consulting

Battle Brown created a process for developing blueprints showing the surface texture of buildings greatly simplifying communication for existing building and objects. He also developed a suite of web based tools for condition inspection offering life size imagery of buildings, sculpture, art, and other object requiring close visual inspection for condition assessment. He has over 35 years experience in imaging, graphics, and communications; and has been involved in the architecture/engineering/construction industry for twenty years as an owner, contractor, and consultant. Battle’s experience as an owner of a historic landmark building in which he needed to clarify, document, and communicate the scope of work on a restoration project, provided the impetus for the development of the company’s offerings. He is the principle owner of Manassas Consulting LLC located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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Silvia Callegari

Assistant Conservator
EverGreene Architectural Arts, Inc.

Silvia Callegari joined Conservation Solutions, a division of EverGreene Architectural Arts, as an Assistant Conservator in 2017. She holds a Master of Science in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania (2017) and a BA from New York University (2012). At EverGreene, she works closely with Senior Conservators in all aspects of conservation work, including research, condition assessments, conservation treatments, construction management, and materials testing and analysis. Prior to joining EverGreene she worked at The Woodlands Cemetery in Philadelphia as a conservation technician. As a graduate student, Silvia interned with the National Park Service at Mesa Verde National Park and Tumacácori National Historic Park. She did an advocacy internship with the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia and a Field School with the T.E.I. School of Athens in Crete, Greece where she collaborated on a risk assessment and conservation of two prehistoric Minoan settlements. In 2017, she was a student scholar and conference presenter at APT Ottawa.


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Ashley Danielson

Ball State Unversity

Ashley’s passion for preservation began while completing a Bachelor of Architecture at Iowa State University. After graduating in 2016, she decided to continue her education by pursuing a Masters of Science in Historic Presrvation. At Ball State University Ashley researched methods of digital documentation for use in interpretation, component replication, and restoration planning of historic buildings. She also explored her interest in the role of preservation in community development through her thesis on the impacts of historic preservation in rural communities. During the summer of 2017 she worked with Main Street Iowa where she offered design assistance to communities across the state. Having graduated in May of 2018, Ashley is currently employed at RATIO Architects in their Indianapolis office's preservation studio. She plans on continuing to investigate the use of technology in the field of preservation as she pursues her architectural license.


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Mark Rabinowitz

Vice President- Principal Conservator
EverGreene Architectual Arts, Inc.


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CS4.1 Preservation and the Digital Future

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