Track 3: For Power or For Passage: Re-envisioning Historic Industrial and Transportation Infrastructure

General Abstract

2 - Keeping the Lights On - Issues and Challenges in the Conservation of Australia's Electrical Industrial Heritage

Tuesday, September 25
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: BNCC-106AD

The establishment of electricity infrastructure was fundamentally transformative to people's lives in the later 19th and early 20th century. Now however, the availability of reliable electricity is taken for granted in many parts of the world, and is practically invisible to many people's day-to-day life - until it is not available. Changes in technology, reliability requirements and safety standards have begun to impact on the conservation of Australia's electrical heritage. After many decades of under-investment, there has been a major push in the last decade to substantially upgrade electrical installations across Australia, which has rendered many sites redundant, or has required major modifications to keep them in service. This paper examines the issues associated wit the conservation of electrical industrial heritage at a general level, considers them in further detail with respect to the situation over the last decade in New South Wales, Australia, and concludes with a detailed examination of the conservation works undertaken to the oldest operational electrical distribution substation in Australia, built in 1910, and how a balance was able to be struck between conservation, asset management and service delivery requirements, to allow the substation to stay in service.

Learning Objectives:

MacLaren North, PhD, MEL, BA

Managing Director
Extent Heritage P/L

MacLaren North is the Managing Director of Extent Heritage, the largest generalist heritage consulting firm in Australia. In his career, he has worked for government heritage regulators, asset-owning organisations with service delivery obligations and, since 2006, as a heritage consultant to government, business and the private sector. His experience working with government utilities has given him significant insights into the delicate balancing act between heritage conservation and operations and service delivery obligations and has worked with clients in the water, sewerage, electricity, road and rail sectors to strike that balance.


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LaLuce Mitchell

Historical Architect
Flynn Battaglia Architects

LaLuce Mitchell is a Preservation Architect at Flynn Battaglia Architects in Buffalo. During college he interned in Buffalo and fell in love with its historic architecture. Recent restoration projects have included the Williamsville Water Mill in Williamsville, NY and the Richardson Olmsted Complex in Buffalo. He is a licensed architect in New York State. He was an APT Student Scholar in 2010 and is vice-chair for the 2018 APT conference. When he’s not out preserving old buildings, he enjoys eating the craziest, most interesting food he can find and taking roadtrips to explore little-known corners of the US and Canada.


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2 - Keeping the Lights On - Issues and Challenges in the Conservation of Australia's Electrical Industrial Heritage

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