Track 2: Materials over Time: Points of Change

General Abstract

4 - Amazing Glazing or an exploration into the development of architectural glass typologies from inception to present day

Monday, September 24
2:45 PM - 4:15 PM
Location: BNCC- 101BG

The evolution of the built form is inherently intertwined with the development of glass. No other material could allow light into our structures whilst simultaneously providing protection from the elements. Le Corbusier said " The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light". Witness these struggles through the lens of historical glass manufactory technique and application. Find out how a material once revered as exotic and rare become one of the most ubiquitous, inexpensive and derided of all contemporary building materials. Follow the development from the earliest coarse glass to the development of expansive gothic window walls and further to the delicate fenestration of the renaissance. Understand how the industrial revolution produced impressive efforts to manipulate the material further and how those efforts created the great glasshouses foreshadowing the all glass facades of present day. The effort to provide larger clearer sheets results in elaborate processes developed to roll, extrude and blow and flatten glass into dimensions and characteristics never seen before. Without reliable artificial lighting see how prismatic glasses were incorporated to further manipulate the natural light within buildings. Explore the uses and identify the characteristics of pigmented structural glasses such as vitrolite as an early 'modern' replacement for tile and stone. Ponder the advent of float glass and its effect on the modern structure. This illustrative lecture will be augmented with samples from john's extensive collection of historic glass, providing a tangible appreciation for the development of this fascinating material.

Learning Objectives:

John francis. Wilcox

vitreous glassworks

john francis Wilcox combines over thirty years of professional glazing experience with ongoing education in glass art, architecture and conservation. john has won various awards for his work locally, provincially and federally. john has lectured on glass for various audiences including; the American Glass Guild ,Ontario Heritage Trust, Heritage Toronto and has been the glazing instructor at Willowbank School of Restoration Arts since the school's inception. john's enthusiasm for glass has been described as infectious and enjoys sharing his knowledge from a lifetime in glass.


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Lorraine Schnabel

Schnabel Conservation LLC

Lorraine Schnabel is the principal and owner of Schnabel Conservation LLC, a full service materials conservation consulting firm. We work with preservation project teams to diagnose whole building and individual material deterioration problems and identify workable, practical, durable solutions. After nearly thirty years in practice as both a private conservator and as a project manager at John Milner Associates and 1:1:6 Technologies, Lorraine has developed experience with most types of building materials and historic construction systems. Her principle areas of expertise are masonry and materials analysis. She has applied her skills in the preservation of a broad range of building ages and types, from small historic houses to the Baltimore Washington Monument. Currently, she is co-chair of the APT Technical Committee for Materials, and she has served on the board of the Delaware Valley chapter of APT as well. She is a Fellow of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic works, and served in leadership roles in the Architecture Specialty Group and Conservators in Private Practice of that organization. She teaches Building Conservation to students in the College of Architecture and the Built Environment at Jefferson (formerly Philadelphia) University. Lorraine holds a BA in Geology from Pomona College and an MSc. in Historic Preservation from Columbia University.


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4 - Amazing Glazing or an exploration into the development of architectural glass typologies from inception to present day

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