Sonya S. Noor

Vice President
Buffalo Endovascular and Vascular Surgical Associates
Buffalo, New York

Sonya Noor, MD, FACS is an established Vascular Surgeon in Buffalo, New York with over 10 years experience. Dr. Noor’s career in medicine began in 1992 when she graduated from Calcutta Medical College in Calcutta, India. After moving to the United States, she completed aesidency at the State University of New York Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, followed by her fellowship at the University at Buffalo and Arizona Heart Hospital. Dr. Noor remains a distinguished member of the American Medical Association, the Western New York Vascular Society, and the Eastern Vascular Society. She is the current president of the ACS.
Dr. Noor is dual board certified by the American Board of Surgery, is renowned across the entire country as a leading vascular surgeon, as well a specialist in peripheral and endovascular surgery. Procedures include abdominal aortic aneurysm endovascular and open repair, carotid surgery, Peripheral Vascular Disease balloon stenting, atherectomy and bypass procedures and venous procedures. She keeps up with the latest procedures as serving as faculty on multiple national conferences such as cardiovascular horizons, Chicago Vascular Horizons, Chicago Vascular Conference, and Amputation Prevention Conference, Gates Vascular Symposium, Failure Analysis Advisory Counsel. Dr. Noor continues exceptional care and support to the citizens of Buffalo Endovascular & Vascular Surgical Associates in Buffalo, New York. She serves as Medical Director of Endovascular Services at Buffalo General Medical Center and GVI, as well as Medical Director of Vascular Service at Olean General Hospital and is affiliated with Degraff Medical Center and Access Care.


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