Risk Management

2018 AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention

RM-5 - Medications are Risky Business: Engaging your Pharmacy Consultants to Keep Residents and Staff Safe

Tuesday, October 9
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
CE: NAB: 1.5 | Nurses 1.5

In this unique session, attendees will hear from a nurse and pharmacist perspective on how senior living providers can collaborate with pharmacy consultants to reduce risks related to medications. Whether it is the opioid crisis, medication reconciliation, antibiotic stewardship, antipsychotics, or a safe med pass, many processes or tools can help identify and reduce risks related to medication treatment. It is not surprising that many of the tools or best practices have the interdisciplinary involvement of the pharmacist and RN woven into their framework. Adverse drug events occur more often when people receive certain types of medications or are the victims of a medication system process error. One study shows adverse drug reactions are responsible for 5 percent to 28 percent of acute geriatric hospital admissions. It is our collective responsibility to evaluate for optimal prescribing and medication administration practices and eliminate process variation or weaknesses that threaten patient safety. As the complexity grows and the stakes increase with the new RoP guidelines, it’s imperative to rely on your pharmacy partner to not only help you comply with the requirements but also set you apart from the competition. The true cost of pharmacy is about much more than the price of the pills. When a pharmacy provider collaborates and executes well, it improves quality of care, decreases survey deficiencies, and reduces overall health care costs. From medication diversion to pain management to increasing security and mitigating risk, this session covers it all, leaving attendees with actionable best practices to implement in their organizations.

Learning Objectives:

Terri Fagan, RPh, CGP

Director of Clinical Services
Consonus Healthcare

Terri Fagan, RPh, CGP
Director of Clinical Services
Consonus Healthcare—Pharmacy

Terri Fagan thinks life as a geriatric pharmacist can be a lot like being on a detective show. She calls her chosen career “CSI:Pharmacy” sometimes, because of the way she sifts through the evidence to discover which medications might be causing harmful side effects. And when she’s successfully solved the puzzle and improved someone’s quality of life, there’s no greater reward.
Terri is Director of Clinical Services for pharmacy at Consonus Healthcare, and has been with the company since the day it opened in 2004. She oversees consultant pharmacists in four states, and personally provides pharmacist consulting to customer assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. Before coming to Consonus, she held positions with Evergreen Pharmaceutical Services, Primus Plus and Peoples Drug/CVS Pharmacy.
Besides being an affiliate faculty member for Oregon State University and a certified preceptor for Oregon and Washington pharmacy students, Terri finds time to speak to long-term care audiences on hot-button topics like medication interactions, inappropriate medications for the elderly and avoiding hospital bounce-backs.
Terri graduated from the University of Montana School of Pharmacy, and is a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist. She volunteers for Vital Life Foundation events whenever the opportunity arises, but her favorite hobby and greatest joy is camping with her young son.


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Melissa Chase, BSN RN

Director of Nurse Consulting
Consonus Pharmacy

Melissa Robinett, RN, BSN
Nurse Consultant Supervisor
Consonus Healthcare—Pharmacy

For Melissa Robinett, Nurse Consultant Supervisor for pharmacy at Consonus Healthcare, her rewarding and accomplished career began by accident—literally. She was only 17, and had been hospitalized after a serious car wreck. At a time when she most needed compassionate care, Melissa felt her nurses failed to provide it, so she decided to effect change by becoming a nurse herself.
Melissa supervises Consonus nurse consultants in Oregon and Idaho, ensuring customer satisfaction, providing in-service training programs for facilities and auditing medication storage and safety. Knowing that improving processes could help avoid a mistake and possibly save a resident’s life is all the motivation she needs.
She earned her nursing degree from the Linfield School of Nursing, and began her career as a hospital staff and charge nurse at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Ore. She was Nurse Consultant Manager and Pharmacy Operations Coordinator with Evergreen Pharmaceutical before joining Consonus in 2004.
When speaking on the critical, but information-intensive topics common in pharmacy, she looks for innovative ways to make education memorable. Turning a presentation on medication errors into a game of Jeopardy is one effective tool, and surveyor role-playing is another audience favorite.
Outside work, Melissa’s free time is spent with her two young boys water skiing, snow skiing, hiking and other athletic pursuits. Each December, she partners with pharmacy colleagues to adopt residents from customer facilities, then takes her sons and helps deliver the gifts personally.


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RM-5 - Medications are Risky Business: Engaging your Pharmacy Consultants to Keep Residents and Staff Safe

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