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New Generation Devices

NGD The Benchmark and the Leader: New Generations Devices (NGD) is a veterinary specific orthopedic development and solutions company that provides veterinarians with unmatched intra-operative flexible technology. Through innovative and surgeon considered design, these products integrate seamlessly into any practice. NGD continues to be a force in changing animal welfare one device at a time.

From yesterday to today with NGD: With the largest selection of veterinary specific locking plates today, NGD has led the field, maintained a second to none service standard while setting the bar since being founded in 2001. NGD was the first company to introduce a patented dual compression locking plate in 2004. In 2018 NGD is introducing Citregen-V (Citrate Based Biomaterial) the biomimetic future of bone and soft tissue regeneration. As part of our exhibit NGD will display the “science” behind Citregen-V by way of a 30 poster scientific presentation. Also on display will be our 3D printing service to stay on pace with the future.

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