GI+ EndoWriter by Esymed

Esymed’s GI+EndoWriter is a medical technology solution for solo practitioners, clinics and institutions that generates comprehensive reports for the painless documentation and analysis of image-based medical procedures.

The GI+EndoWriter is a complete stand alone, end-to-end system that provides all you need to manage procedure scheduling, documenting, billing and a complete patient procedure report. Its direct interface with endoscopes and other video systems makes reporting and record keeping a breeze and the click-driven lists make its operation almost completely keyboard free.

Bringing unprecedented access and efficiency to doctors, nurses, administrators, health insurers and patients, while protecting privacy rights with the highest level of security and encryption available, the GI+EndoWriter:

Is compatible with all endoscopic systems:
* Uses a single USB cable connection (included)
* Requires no set up or download by the user
* Offers maximum security and privacy protection
* Features optimum ease of use

GI+Endowriter by Esymed
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