Oshi Health

Oshi is the first all-in-one app to help individuals live their best life with IBD. While other IBD mobile solutions have focused solely on tracking functionality, Oshi serves as a broader wellness companion and empowers people with IBD to:

TRACK their symptoms and actions — including diet, exercise, stress, and sleep — to uncover hidden patterns affecting wellness. Oshi automatically syncs data from leading fitness devices.
LEARN about the latest IBD news, read inspiring real-life success stories, and more. Oshi includes carefully curated content, including articles by Patient Advocates and Oshi’s Physician-Partners.
ASK questions, browse answers from a team of healthcare professionals. Oshi informs its users with professional feedback from gastroenterologists and medical professionals.

Oshi Health, Inc.
Oshi Health is a startup digital health company, founded in 2018, that is revolutionizing the management and treatment of IBD. Oshi empowers people with IBD through tracking and education, and it will support IBD stakeholders within the healthcare community, including medical researchers, with data that enables new treatment advances and care optimization. The company is led by digital health veteran and CEO Daniel Weinstein, who previously co-founded Cohero Health, which is disrupting the care of asthma and COPD through its connected mobile platform.

Oshi Health, Inc.
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