CSA Medical, Inc.

CSA Medical, Inc. develops and markets a non-contact spray cryotherapy platform for the ablation of benign and cancerous tissue of the digestive tract. The truFreeze system utilizes extremely cold Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) spray at -196 degrees Celsius allowing for the destruction of cellular material while preserving the extracellular matrix enabling rejuvenative healing with minimal scarring and fibrosis. truFreeze can be used in all morphologies of the gastrointestinal tract including stenosis and anastomotic strictures. LN2 spray may not adversely affect adjunctive therapies including stents and chemotherapy providing greater treatment flexibility without limiting future therapeutic options. LN2 is also hemostatic, which allows patients to remain on anti-coagulation therapy. Additionally, studies have shown that patients treated with truFreeze Spray Cryotherapy have experienced less post-operative pain versus other ablative modalities.

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