ColoWrap, LLC

ColoWrap is an early-stage medical device company dedicated to reducing the incidence and impact of colorectal cancer. We have developed a simple, non-invasive device that mitigates one of the most common problem associated with colonoscopy—scope looping

ColoWrap is applied just before the procedure and is worn during the exam. A primary band exerts firm, consistent pressure on the patient’s lower abdomen, and a secondary strap can be adjusted during the procedure to exert additional pressure on the sigmoid and/or transverse colon, as needed. Because ColoWrap helps prevent looping, the scope can reach the cecum more quickly and with less effort. ColoWrap dramatically reduces the need for manual pressure and patient repositioning.

ColoWrap takes the hassle out of difficult colonoscopies and makes colonoscopy safer, easier, and more comfortable for physicians, staff, and patients.

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