BioGaia Probiotics

BioGaia is an innovative Swedish healthcare company and a world leader in probiotics with 28 years experience of developing, marketing and selling probiotic products. Over the years we have created networks of leading, independent researchers and specialists, manufacturing experts and local distribution partners worldwide. Our products are recommended by pediatricians and other healthcare professionals in more than 100 countries.

All BioGaia’s products contain Lactobacillus reuteri, a probiotic bacteria that helps good microorganisms restore a natural balance in the gut. L. reuteri is one of few bacteria that has co-evolved with humans and because of this it naturally colonizes and has a strong adaptation and interacts with us. To date L. reuteri has been tested in 184 clinical trials (February 2018) and proven effective and safe in children and adults.

BioGaia wants to contribute to better health in the world by offering clinically-proven and user-friendly probiotic products.

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