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The Cairn 13C-Spirulina Gastric Emptying Breath Test (GEBT) is the only FDA-approved breath test to aid in the definitive diagnosis of gastroparesis.

The Cairn GEBT can be administered in any clinical setting and does not require imaging equipment, specialized training or radioactive material. Validated against gastric scintigraphy, the test enables rapid and accurate identification of gastroparesis by avoiding the need for expensive, time-consuming referrals.

The Cairn GEBT is easy to administer. The kit contains a specially formulated meal of dehydrated scrambled eggs containing pharmaceutical-grade spirulina. The spirulina has been enriched with a safe, non-radioactive and naturally occurring form of carbon (13C).

The labeled by-products of 13C-Spirulina (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) are absorbed and metabolized, giving rise to 13C-labeled carbon dioxide which is excreted in the breath.

Before and after eating the test meal, breath samples are collected from the patient. Samples are sent to Cairn’s CLIA-certified laboratory for analysis by gas isotope ratio mass spectrometry (GIRMS).

The rate of 13CO2 excretion is proportional to the rate of gastric emptying. A patient gastric emptying report with this data is prepared by Cairn’s laboratory and returned to the physician within two business days.

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