Lumendi LLC

Founded in December 2014, Lumendi holds a worldwide exclusive license to certain intellectual property developed by Minimally Invasive New Technologies (MINT), a joint program of Weill Cornell Medical College and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. In collaboration with MINT and other partners, Lumendi is developing devices to enable less invasive endolumenal procedures in the GI tract, primarily in the colon. These devices have the potential to replace many invasive laparoscopic and open surgical procedures currently performed in the hospital setting, and may also facilitate performance of these procedures in the outpatient setting. We’re also working on additional less invasive techniques that can lead to better patient outcomes and make procedures easier and more comfortable for clinicians.

We partner with leaders in healthcare to understand their needs and the needs of patients, and work to develop new solutions that will improve their lives.

253 Post Road West
Westport, Connecticut 18106
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