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Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory's GI-MAP(TM) is simply the best stool test. We provide DNA PCR stool analysis with DNA antibiotic resistance. The GI-MAP(TM) quantitatively assesses a patient's microbiome with attention to bacterial, parasitic, and viral pathogens that can cause disease, disrupt the normal microbial balance, and contribute to chronic GI illness.We are pleased to offer Physicians the first of many advances, the GI-MAP™. The GI-MAP™ (GI-Microbial Assay Plus) stool test utilizes cutting edge, Quantitative PCR technology to provide a true DNA/PCR based stool analysis which provides actionable information to the Physician regarding the microbiota and how it relates to many inflammatory, autoimmune, metabolic, cardiovascular, and other chronic diseases. This technology has high sensitivity, specificity and a rapid turnaround. Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory utilizes proven qPCR technology with high sensitivity and specificity to provide quantitative, accurate and reliable results. Our DNA based H.pylori biopsy profile offers the latest in Real-Time qPCR molecular technology. DNA based testing by qPCR offers significant advantages to other methods as well as the ability to identify Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Virulence Factors. Definitive results from one biopsy.

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