Rakshanda Jalil

Rakshanda Jalil is a writer, critic, and literary historian. She has published over 15 books and written over 50 academic papers and essays. Her recent books include Liking Progress, Loving Change: Literary History of the Progressive Writers’ Movement in Urdu (2014); a biography of Urdu feminist writer Dr Rashid Jahan, A Rebel and her Cause (2014); a translation of 15 short stories by Intizar Husain entitled The Death of Sheherzad (2014); and The Sea Lies Ahead (2015), a translation of Intizar Husain's seminal novel on Karachi and also An Uncivil Woman: Writings on Ismat Chughtai (OUP, 2017). She runs an organization called Hindustani Awaaz, devoted to the popularization of Hindi–Urdu literature and culture


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