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Organized Panel Session

2 - Geography of Colossus: Space, Place and People of Delhi-NCR

Friday, July 6
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: Tamarind, New Building

It is widely agreed that India’s future is in its urban regions and urbanization in India must continue for a sustainable economic future. To explain the magnitude of growth of Indian cities by known definitions, such as the one offered by Indian census, is a challenge in itself. As it is currently understood, the term ‘Urban Agglomeration’ is an inadequate attempt to describe the category of fast-growing urban settlements. Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) is an example where the edges of the urban have far surpassed the boundaries of the National Capital Territory (NCT). This study examines urban change within the NCT-NCR continuum by using multiple geospatial mapping and remote sensing techniques in order to explore the geography and the “interconnectedness” of space, place, and people in this particular context. The findings suggest the current demarcation of National Capital Region (NCR) cannot be conceptualized as completely urban by any current definition. There is a spatial stickiness in the way urban settlements are growing within NCR in the spatial distribution of population densities and grouping of social identities. From a spatial perspective, the results also show that the emergent patterns of urban development are distinct from cities of developed nations. The formation of urban clusters is a complex process and begs the question whether ‘Urban Agglomeration’, ‘Region’ or ‘Metropolitan’ are appropriate frameworks of understanding rapid growth description of large-scale urban areas in and around Delhi-NCR.

Shrobona Karkun

Temple University, United States


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2 - Geography of Colossus: Space, Place and People of Delhi-NCR

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