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Organized Panel Session

2 - Homosexual Syndrome: Sexology and Global Crafting of Same-Sex Desires

Saturday, July 7
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Location: Amaltas, Lower Ground Floor

The International Journal of Sexology presents a rich archival source for the reconstruction of a global discourse on homosexuality in the twentieth century. Medical doctors, sexologists, psychologists, lawyers, writers, and lay readers from around the world, extensively discussed and debated various aspects of homosexuality within the pages of the journal. As the managing editor for IJS, Pillay from his location in Bombay facilitated cross-border conversation on a subject that helped configure a global understanding of sexual preferences beyond the limits of heterosexual desires and cohabitations. From the very beginning of the second edition of Marriage Hygiene in August 1947, the issue of homosexuality was consistently debated and discussed within the pages of this journal. Even as homosexuality was subjected to greater surveillance as a sign of disease and illness, ironically, same-sex desires were nonetheless accorded wider discernibility within public discourse. While a majority of the journal articles focused on male homosexuality, inadvertently, lesbians also found an opening to explore their attachments and sexual subjectivities. This paper will examine the dynamics of an internally fractured and conflicted global discourse around homosexuality, drawing evidence mostly from IJS and Pillay’s publications. 

Sanjam Ahluwalia

Northern Arizona University, United States


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2 - Homosexual Syndrome: Sexology and Global Crafting of Same-Sex Desires

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