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2 - Socio-Economic Assimilation of the Rohingya Communities in Bangladesh

Saturday, July 7
2:40 PM - 4:10 PM
Location: Cypress, New Building

In the current globalized world, a rising number of people are leaving their native lands for better jobs opportunities, higher education, improved living standard, and last but not least, safety and security. Economic theory labels this as an informed decision. In reality, for some unfortunate segment of the population, it occurs due to various types of persecution and other forms of political violence. The issues of integration of migrants in the asylum country have critical economic implications. The integration process in the host country is not only complex in nature, but the process requires considerable time. The process becomes harder for refugees when migration occurs due to coercion and sometimes even a decade is not enough to settle down in a foreign place. There is a dearth of rigorous quantitative analysis in relation to the coping mechanism and the socio-economic assimilation of refugees in South Asia. The process becomes more stringent with inefficient institutions and prevalence of imperfect market conditions. Therefore, it is essential to examine the dynamics of refugee assimilation in developing countries. This paper by taking Rohingyas of Myanmar as case study intends to explore the dynamics and the hardship of the process of refugee integration in Bangladesh from a neighboring country. It examines the condition of these refugees and their assimilation and integration processes in terms employment opportunities, access to basic services such as shelter, education, and health. It also assesses the gender-disaggregated difficulty levels in the process of integration.

Meherun Ahmed

Asian University for Women, India


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2 - Socio-Economic Assimilation of the Rohingya Communities in Bangladesh

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