Bonnie Lee Molloy, PhD, CRNA

Chief CRNA, Risk Manager & Research Director
Bridgeport Anesthesia Associates
Fairfield, Connecticut

I have been a quality / risk manager of anesthesia practice for over 25 years and a CRNA since 1983. Following an event of postoperative visual loss at our institution in 2005 I began researching intraocular pressure effects during position change in the clinical setting and began my PhD studies at the University of Connecticut in nursing minoring in neuro-ophthalmology, reviewing potential causes of ischemic optic neuropathy. I have conducted 10 years of studies and have 5 publications describing potential interventions that I have trialed. These have significantly reduced increased IOP that can lead to low perfusion states potentiating POVL events. Anesthesia caregivers can easily use my observation scale in everyday practice in the operating room to decrease IOP and thus provide a level of ophthalmic safety for their patients. The Molloy/Bridgeport Observation Scale (MBOS) has been validated by a team of researchers at the University of Mississippi during ST postion robotic procedures. The conclusion is that there is a correlation between the MBOS and IOP measurement by tonometry.


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