Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation

PR35 - Observations of Trends and Successes of Revascularization Therapy at Virginia Commonwealth University: A Retrospective Study

Thursday, April 26
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Room: Exhibit Hall

Introduction: The purpose of this study was to determine the trends in protocol, success and failure rates, and consistency of follow-up with regard to revascularization procedures in a controlled environment. Methods: This retrospective study included patients of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry who were offered revascularization therapy on immature permanent teeth from Jan. 1, 2010 to May 31, 2017. Seventy-eight patients were identified with 79 teeth evaluated for revascularization therapy. Records were reviewed for patients accepting treatment, success and failure, and consistency of follow up. Results: A total of 30 patients and 31 teeth were treated following revascularization protocols, with only 20 patients having any follow-up care. Six of the 21 teeth needed some form of additional therapy due to patients remaining symptomatic, however 15/21 exhibited varying levels of success. The recall rate was 67.7%. Conclusions: With a success rate of 71.4%, revascularization therapy should continue to be offered to all patients with immature root apices. However, improvements to recall protocols need to be improved in order to better monitor the status of teeth that undergo revascularization therapy.

Richard W. Sedwick

Virginia Commonwealth University

Richard Sedwick is a 2nd Year Endodontic resident at Virginia Commonwealth University. Before starting his residency, he spent five years practicing in Richmond and Staunton, Virginia. During that time, he developed a passion for Endodontics. Dr. Sedwick is also a graduate of VCU School of Dentistry and he completed his bachelors' degree at Brigham Young University.


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Garry L. Myers

Graduate Program Director
Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Garry Myers currently serves as the graduate endodontic program director at Virginia
Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He completed his dental school
education at the University of Texas Health Science Center/ at San Antonio in 1985.
Following graduation Dr. Myers entered the USAF where he served for four years as a
general dentist before entering the endodontic residency program at Wilford Hall Medical
Center at Lackland AFB also in San Antonio. In 1998 after serving on active duty for 13
years, Dr. Myers left the USAF to enter private practice in Olympia, Washington where he
practiced for the next 16 years. In the summer of 2014, full time education entered the
picture when Dr. Myers accepted a position at VCU where he now works. He is currently
the president of the American Association of Endodontists having been involved over the
last nine years with various committees of the AAE as well as serving on the Board of


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Alvin Best

Virginia Commonwealth University

3/11–Present: Director of Faculty Research Development and Professor (Associate Professor
until 2013), Department of Periodontics, Virginia Commonwealth University
PhD, (1984) Biostatistics, Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University,
Richmond, VA USA
MA, (1978) Quantitative Psychology, L.L. Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory, University of
North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC USA
BS, (1973) Mathematics and Psychology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN USA.
Recipient of the Torchbearer award.


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Clara M. Spatafore

Department Chair of Endodontic, Associate Professor
Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Spatafore earned her D.D.S., M.S. and Certificate in Endodontics from West Virginia University School of Dentistry. Prior to attending the Endodontics program at WVU she was in private practice as a general dentist in Pittsburgh, PA for three years. After her endodontics program Dr. Spatafore served in the United States Navy and then as chairman at the Univesity of Pittsburgh in the Department of Endodontics. She then practiced at Allegheny General Hospital for 16 years and maintained a solo private practice during that time in Sewickley, PA. Currently, she serves as an associate professor of endodontics and chairman of the Endodontics Department at Virginia Commonwealth University. A member of the American Association of Endodontics since 1987, she has held a variety of leadership roles with the organization’s Board, including president, president-elect, vice president and secretary of its Executive Committee as well as a director of the board.Dr. Spatafore, a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics, has been a member of several AAE committees, , and she serves on the Journal of Endodontics Scientific Review Board. Currently she serves as a director on the American Board of Endodontics.


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PR35 - Observations of Trends and Successes of Revascularization Therapy at Virginia Commonwealth University: A Retrospective Study

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