Category: Uses of Technology and Social Media in International Education

Posting with a Purpose: Social Media Assignments in Study Abroad

Friday, Jun 2
9:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Table 21

The flexibility of social media makes it a perfect teaching tool for students. Connecting in-country experiences to academic content encourages meaningful reflection and relevance for students.

John T. Peek

Instructor 1
University of South Florida (College of Public Health)
Tampa, FL

J. Tory Peek, MPH, CPH is a faculty member at the University of South Florida, College of Public Health. He teaches a variety of courses online and in the classroom as part of the office of undergraduate studies. Tory has helped redesign courses and course content, most notably through the adaptation of an all-online course to a classroom-based course, with the addition of a student debate. Prior to joining the College of Public Health as an Instructor, Tory was an Intelligence Analyst in the United States Army.