Category: Orientation Programs as an Integral Support Service

D-I-E-R: A Tool to Facilitate Cross-cultural Learning and Interaction

Thursday, Jun 1
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Table 59

D-I-E-R, and interactive tool, is presented for use in a ten-week orientation course and one condensed session. Learn how to use D-I-E-R and how to train others in its use as a part of an orientation course for new international students and for students being trained to be orientation advisors.

Bob Seese

Assistant Director
Trinity University
San Antonio, TX

Bob is the Assistant Director of International Student and Scholar Services at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. He attended West Virginia University, where he completed a B.S. and a M.S. in Civil Engineering. After practicing civil engineering for several years, he had the opportunity to teach intensive English and study Chinese in the People’s Republic of China. His experience in China and other cross cultural experiences motivated him to enter the field of international education to work with international students and scholars and to complete a doctorate in education from the University of Houston. He has held positions of intern, advisor, associate/assistant director and director at three state universities and one private university in international student and scholar services (ISSS) offices. Bob has chaired and been a presenter for numerous sessions and workshops at various NAFSA conferences, which addressed issues in cross-cultural interaction. His work in international education has enabled him to visit many countries in Asia and Latin America. In addition, he and his family traveled to the Philippines following typhoon Haiyan and, more recently, to Haiti in fall 2016, to assist with relief efforts. Bob's family sponsors a child from the Philippines through "Compassion International" and a child in Haiti through "Project House of Hope."

Qiu Jiang

International Student and Scholar Services
Trinity University
San Antonio, TX

Jessie Jiang is the International Student and Scholar Services Advisor at Trinity University. Jessie has been involved in serving and training in the field of international education for about 4 years as follows: master thesis focused on intercultural communication strategies for international students in a U.S. classroom; planned orientation programs for new international students; initiated the programs to help students from different background to interact; facilitated shared conversations between different cultural groups; conducted trainings and presentations for other campus departments; participated in sessions at NAFSA regional conference that focused on international student adjustment issues; served as the adjunct instructor of the an annual 10-week orientation class, which gives new international students a deeper understanding of their identity and enables them to facilitate intercultural interactions with a different culture. The D-I-E-R method was introduced to and utilized by the students in this class. She was awarded the NAFSA Region VI Dorothy Brickman Award for Outstanding New Professional award in 2015 based on her contribution to the Wooster campus.