Category: Innovative and Sustainable Practices in Intensive English Programming

The Benefits and Challenges of Special Programming for Intensive English Programs

Wednesday, May 31
11:15 AM – 12:45 PM
Table 60

When enrollment declines, special programs can benefit an IEP, but they often require additional resources. Successful planning and faculty buy-in can maximize benefits and reduce negative impacts.

Daryl Bish

Admissions Coordinator
University of Florida English Language Institute
Gainesville, FL

Daryl Bish is PDSO and Admissions Coordinator for the University of Florida English Language Institute/ELI. He has extensive experience as a teacher, program recruiter, and administrator, having taught in university and community college programs and managed international student recruitment activities in Japan, Poland, and Bulgaria for the International Education Exchange Community College Consortium. His master’s degree is in Curriculum and Instruction, with TESL Certification. His minor for his bachelor’s degree was in TESL. He currently serves as the NAFSA IEP Network Leader, and has presented at national NAFSA conferences and at regional TESOL. He has twice served as a steering committee member for the University of Florida’s ELI’s CEA accreditation, and he has participated as a CEA reviewer in several site reviews.