Category: Enhancing Learning in Education Abroad: Study, Work, Intern, Volunteer, and Research Innovations

Latin American Program Model: Successes and Suggestions

Wednesday, May 31
8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Table 58

This poster presents a Summer Institute at the University of Arizona designed to expose and prepare international students to study in the U.S.

Nadia Alvarez Mexia

Tucson, AZ

Nadia Alvarez Mexia is the Director of Latin American Partnership Initiatives (LAPI) at the University of Arizona. She obtained her bachelor and master degrees from Tec de Monterrey in Mexico and a PhD in Teaching & Teacher Education with a minor in Language, Reading & Culture from the University of Arizona. She is a recipient of the Erasmus Circle Award, one of the highest honors from the College of Education at the University of Arizona (UA) . Since 2007, she has been coordinating Undergraduate Research Programs, which brings Latin American students studying science and engineering to the UofA for 10 weeks in the fall, spring and summer to conduct research, live an intercultural experience, improve the use of English as a second language and learn about the U.S. academic culture. These Research Programs have been awarded various times. By UA (Peter W. Likins Inclusive Award, Saff Category 2007), NAFSA (Senator Paul Simon Spotlight Award 2012), CONICYT (Chile-Grant) and IIE (Sciences Without Borders - Grant from Brazil) as an initiative to promote academic and cultural diversity on campus.
One year ago, LAPI unit organizationally moved to Global Initiatives (GI) where Nadia and her team are developing creative and innovative short-term programs and models for other continents. As part of this effort, GI team members and UA staff are enjoying these international initiatives under Nadia's leadership.

Adrián Arroyo

Office of Latin American Partnership Initiatives
University of Arizona

Adrián Arroyo Pérez works for the Office of Latin American Partnership Initiatives (OLAPI )at the University of Arizona. He obtained his bachelor degree from La Salle University in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Mexico City and is a doctoral candidate in Higher Education by the Center for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Arizona. He obtained the Student Award for Global Excellence for his efforts on inbound research programs for international students and his interdisciplinary work on international education. After gaining experience in the pharmaceutical industry in Mexico he was awarded with a full scholarship by the Mexican Council of Science and Technology to pursue his doctoral studies in Higher Education in the United States. Since he started his doctoral studies, he has been working in the Office of Latin American Partnership Initiatives helping in strategically planning and managing short-term research programs for international students. These programs have been awarded several times for their excellent and innovative characteristics. He just returned from an internship at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil where he got experience on international education programs in South America.