Category: Enhancing Learning in Education Abroad: Study, Work, Intern, Volunteer, and Research Innovations

Refugee management study abroad in Greece: a hands-on opportunity

Wednesday, May 31
8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
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This poster is looking at the refugee crisis in Greece as this provides an excellent study abroad opportunity to combine volunteer work with hands-on practical teaching in refugee management studies.

Dimitris Kavakas

Covenant College, Thessaloniki Greece
Thessaloniki, Greece

Dr Dimitris Kavakas has a long experience in University management from a number of positions and has been researching and teaching at University level in international relations, international organizations, including refugee management studies. Recently, he is heavily involved in these areas through educational and research initiatives but also humanitarian work with NGOs dealing with the refugee crisis. He is currently the CEO of a new College in Greece which is involved with helping young Syrian refugees in getting University education. His College also runs an innovative study abroad program in refugee management with hands on experience and a general study abroad program with a community service element in refugee camps.