Category: Best Practices in International Enrollment Management

Model Practices for Recruiting Students from Russia and CIS Countries

Wednesday, May 31
11:15 AM – 12:45 PM
Table 27

Learn about the specifics of recruiting and enrolling students from Russia and CIS countries. Model practices of effective international enrolment management strategies, plans, models, and measurement tools will be shared.

Sasha Olenina

Head of Marketing
Washington DC, DC

Sasha Olenina, based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, is an education marketing and student recruitment professional with over 7 years experience in the field of international education. She works with US and European universities, that are exploring Russian and CIS countries' market, assists them with strengthening brand awareness, develops successful strategies for recruiting and enrolling local students. Sasha was featured among top 100 female startup founders in Europe by TheHundert in 2016.

Vladislav Popov

Washington DC, DC

A successful Product Development leader with over 10 years experience in communications and marketing. Expertise in developing and supporting ed-tech products on the Russian market. Specialties: large scale project and programme management, data analysis, seo optimization, design production, education sector marketing. Specialist in establishing premium positions for complex education related products through focusing on customer relations management and impactful marketing communications.