Category: Best Practices in International Enrollment Management

Push-Pull Factors Affecting Indian Student Enrollment and Visa Adjudication Rates

Wednesday, May 31
11:15 AM – 12:45 PM
Table 32

This poster will analyze Indian students’ NIV refusal rates and their own experiences, and to guide effective recruiting methods to counter students' concerns regarding changing political circumstances in the United States.

Eriko Palmer

Admissions Officer / DSO
Virginia International University
Fairfax, VA

Eriko Palmer has a B.A. in Linguistics from Osaka University and pursued graduate study in higher education business administration at the University of South Carolina. Born in Japan, she started her professional career in the United States at the University of South Carolina, where she discovered her passion for serving international students. As an Admissions Officer and Designated School Official at VIU, her primary responsibilities include dealing with international admissions and answering or routing questions regarding university policies, maintaining compliance with federal immigration regulations, explaining the application process for prospective students, and sometimes explaining cultural differences among Americans. She feels she can draw from her own experience studying and working abroad to better serve international students, and she thinks it’s a professionally rewarding experience.