Category: Best Practices in International Enrollment Management

A Framework for Supporting International Student Academic Success and Retention

Wednesday, May 31
11:15 AM – 12:45 PM
Table 1

This poster will provide survey and interview results of how international student offices can collaborate with student affairs offices, academic deans and departments to support international student success.

Aya Nozoe

Valkyr Consulting, LLC.
New York, NY

Aya Nozoe is an active NAFSA member, serving for more than ten years in leadership roles on NAFSA's Foreign Born International Educator SIG . Aya conducting the presentations and poster sessions at conferences in both the region and national levels, covering topics on cross-cultural programming and career issues in international education. Aya is one of original member of NAFSA's Foreign Born International Educator SIG since 2003, and currentry she is serving co-chair. She mentored international students on entering the field of international education.
Previously, Aya worked at one of the Immigration Law Firm in New York City as an Office Manager for seven years where she presents business immigration option after F-1 for international students, now she designs, implements, and manages corporate J-1 training and internship programs for Japanese students and corporate clients.

Richard Yam

International Student Advisor
University of Massachusetts-Amherst International Student Services
Amherst, MA

Richard Yam, DPE, is the senior international student adviser at University of Massachusetts-Amherst. He has been an international recruiter and advisor for 15 years. “International Enrollment Management” has been his area of research study in the past 12 years. He also presents often in NAFSA regional and national conferences on various topic areas such as "return on investment: effectiveness of international recruitment", "intercultural competence", "foreign born international educators", "recruiting and advising international students athletes", and "work environment and stress management". Yam received his doctorate in physical education and was a faculty member at Springfield College. He served in the Chairstream of NAFSA Region XI.