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SNF is the leading provider of polymers for irrigation efficiency in turf, crop, and ornamental applications. Our FLOBOND™ line of polyacrylamide (PAM) products provides a safe and efficient solution to water quality and quantity issues facing the turf, crop, and ornamental industry. PAM increases soil porosity, which promotes uniform percolation and useable volume of the applied water. However, when PAM is used on sandy soils, it decreases percolation and allows plants to retain and utilize more of the applied water before it passes through the root zone. In studies and of actual turf applications, FLOBOND™ has demonstrated the ability the increase water efficiency up to 20 percent. Benefits of using FLOBOND™ include: Reduced water costs Reduced energy costs Improved overall turf quality Increase in playable surfaces Less runoff from irrigation and rain events Reduced localized dry spots and wet zones Green and sustainable

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