2017 AHC/NCAL Annual Convention & Expo

Cycles of Learning (Does this have something to do with a bicycle?)

Monday, October 16
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Location: Mandalay Bay Ballroom I
CE: Nurses: 1.0 | NAB: 1.0

Systems - and the results they produce - are the basis of comprehensive quality improvement efforts – and the Quality Award criteria. Organizational systems are incomplete however, if they fail to incorporate cycles of learning. These cycles provide regular evaluation of systems and drive improvement of the systems themselves. Without cycles of learning, systems quickly become obsolete, dysfunctional, and can actual serve to decrease performance. Cycles of learning are key to achieving higher scoring bands in the Silver and Gold criteria, but many applicants fall short of adequately understanding and describing cycles of learning within their applications.

Learning Objectives:

Paul Grizzell

President/Baldrige Coach
Core Values Partners, Inc.

Paul Grizzell of Core Values Partners is an international speaker, trainer, and leadership coach who helps his partners focus, align, and accelerate their improvement efforts through effective deployment of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. Much of his work is focused on helping mission-focused organizations use the Baldrige Criteria to improve processes - all with an eye toward improving outcomes. He has assisted long-term care organizations with developing and refining their AHCA/NCAL Award applications, preparing for site visits, and better understanding performance excellence concepts. His core competencies are engaging leaders to commit to excellence and coaching all levels of the organization in making progress on a performance excellence journey.

Paul has been a Judge for the Gold Level of the American Health Care Association Quality Award for five years and trains Senior Examiners for the Quality Award program. He has been involved with Baldrige-based performance improvement since 1997. Paul is an Alumni Examiner on the Baldrige Award Board of Examiners where has led multiple site visits and trains Baldrige Examiners. He is also a Judge for the Minnesota, Illinois, and Virginia Performance Excellence Awards and. He is an Assessor and Licensed Advisor for the European Quality Award and the Foreign Evaluation Expert with the China Quality Award.

Paul is a co-author of Insights To Performance Excellence 2017–2018; Using the Baldrige Framework and Other Integrated Management Systems, published by the American Society for Quality.

Paul lives in Woodbury, Minnesota. He is currently driving his family nuts by trying to implement a self-administered “Baldrige in the Home” initiative. In spite of this, he has been married to Janice for 32 years.

The website for Core Values Partners is www.corevaluespartners.com.


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Cycles of Learning (Does this have something to do with a bicycle?)


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