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Hacking, Live!

Wednesday, May 10
1:00 PM - 1:50 PM
Location: Islander I

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CE: 1 Credit

A live demonstration of how an computer user with below average hacking skills can use freely available tools to infiltrate a fully patched and secure network, eventually leading the capture of cardholder data. This talk will take you through the ins and outs of how a hack occurs, and will provide guidance on what your organization can do to defend yourselves against these types of attacks.

Vinny Troia

NightLion Security
Saint Louis, Missouri

Vinny Troia has been hacking his way around systems since he was 10 years old, back when 2400 baud modems and were considered cutting edge technology. Troia has since refined his underground IT skills to include a breadth of knowledge that spans his expertise across security, management, development and administration of inter-connected systems.

Having spent nearly a decade engineering and architecting security systems for the U.S. Department of Defense, Troia has become one of the media’s top go-to experts on cyber-related controversies. Troia was first recognized by the national news media following his discovery of information pertaining to tape-backups as part of the Lois Lerner IRS scandal.

Now, global news networks including Fox News, CNBC, ABC, CNN and Fox Business, regularly invite Troia to participate in on-air discussions pertaining to major corporate data breaches, cyber law and legislation, airline and automobile hacking, and cyber-related scandals.

In 2014, Troia used his ever-increasing national media presence as a platform to establish and launch his company, Night Lion Security. Troia’s unconventional approach to identifying risk within an organization, combined with his ability to interact and work directly with business leaders, has allowed him to become one of the most sought after IT security professionals in the industry.

To that end, John McAfee, the world-renowned cyber security expert and CEO of McAfee Global Technologies (MGT), announced Troia’s recent appointment to MGT’s prestigious Hacker Advisory Board.

“There is no greater cyber security talent pool in any company on the planet,” McAfee said, regarding Troia’s addition to the board.


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Hacking, Live!

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