Partner Solutions Showcase


Lanham EDI: Enhancements, New Technology and POS Data Analytics Presented by Lanham Associates

Wednesday, October 11
2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Room: Ryman Studio PQR

Format: Partner Solutions Showcase

Join us to learn about Lanham EDI in traditional NAV 2018, private cloud, and D365. Explore the latest enhancements -- including XML capabilities. Encourage your sales and marketing peers to join us too, for an in-depth look at our POS Data Analytics solution, which provides critical information for those who sell to retailers. Tired of dealing with EDI? Explore our EDI outsourcing. Lanham EDI -- making your EDI, and your life around it, Beyond Simple!

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Charlotte Martinez

Sr. EDI Specialist
Lanham Associates

• 18 years ERP implementing experience
• 16 years NAV implementing experience
• 14 years experience implementing Lanham products, specifically focusing on E-ship and EDI
• 7 years at Lanham Associates as the Sr. EDI Specialist

Background and Biography:
Charlotte began her career with ERP systems after graduating from Texas Tech University. She first worked with an ERP legacy system specifically created for the distribution industry. After learning the industry and becoming an expert in the field, she was offered the opportunity to implement Navision 2.6 where she received extensive training from the Navision Team. It became evident, working in the distribution industry, that Lanham products would be necessary for clients. She received training from the Lanham Team and specialized in implementing Lanham products. Today, Charlotte works at Lanham Associates as the Lanham Sr. EDI Specialist where she supports NAV Partners, teaches the Lanham ACE Class and writes documentation on newly released EDI features.


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Dale Lanham

Lanham Associates

Dale Lanham, CEO of Lanham Associates, CTO of Absolute Value, and member partner in Lanham Services, and Amalfi, LLC, takes a hands-on, personal approach to the companies’ software design, and fosters high standards for solutions, used by over 2,400 companies and 120,000 end users worldwide.

Lanham and his team have been delivering supply chain solutions built inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV ever since creating the original Advanced Distribution product for Navision in the mid ‘90’s.

Dale has served on many industry and Microsoft advisory councils, and leads his Lanham Associates team through the TAP (Technology Adoption Program) for a new version of NAV each year, keeping his organization and their product offerings constantly innovative and relevant.


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Lanham EDI: Enhancements, New Technology and POS Data Analytics Presented by Lanham Associates

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