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DEV10 - Let Me See Machine Learning Work, Work, Work

Friday, October 13
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Room: Hermitage E

Format: How2
Level: Intermediate

Talking about machine learning is all the rage, but seeing it in action is horse of a different color. In this session we’ll put machine learning to work, demonstrating the potential for predicting opportunity probability based on past and present data in CRM. If you think of machine learning as aspirational for your organization, this is the session that will open your eyes to the actual. 

Learning Objectives:

Blake Scarlavai

Principal Developer
Sonoma Partners

Technical consultant and architect offering 9 years of Dynamics CRM experience, from CRM 3.0 to Dynamics 365, in a variety of industries. Experienced in the full life-cycle of software development from definition to deployment especially as it relates to CRM. Quick learner adapting to the rapidly changing CRM platform and development technologies.


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Let Me See Machine Learning Work, Work, Work

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