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APP80 - UI Options with Dynamics NAV 2017

Wednesday, October 11
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Room: Ryman Studio DE

Format: Presentation
Level: Intermediate
CPE: 1
Version: 2016

What UI is best for your users - RTC, web client, phone, tablet? The RTC is the "classic" choice, but the web client provides good capability with a smaller footprint. We'll review the process of deploying both, the pros and cons of each, and the configuration and setup of the web client and possible uses. We'll even take a look at options and capabilities with phones and tablets.

Learning Objectives:

Curt Lambert

Software Developer/ERP Consultant


Currently, I am the senior developer for a mid-size company in the mid-west. I have two full time developers in addition to myself supplemented by outside contractors for delivering systems. For over a decade we have developed Navision custom applications and installed Navision systems for Financial, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Scanning and Custom Solutions. We have leveraged the Navision System ERP features and development environment as a platform for rapid development and deployment of unique and custom business applications. We consider the development platform and baseline capabilities as a foundation from which we are able to evolve stable applications. As a skill set we are most advanced in the area NAS applications and Web Services.

Navision Background: Navision Financials, Navision Attain, Microsoft Business Solutions Nav, Dynamics NAV 2009, 2013, 2016, 2017 (16 years)

For nearly a decade I have developed a variety of applications for my company and deployed throughout the enterprise fielding simple warehousing, complex warehousing, packaging, component parts delivery to the production line, remanufacturing and discrete manufacturing. As always since it is Navision, the solutions are always very different in their final implementations.

My career developing software started in the 1980's at which time I served as a DBA for large systems. As I started working with Navision my background in databases and MS SQL Server enhanced my ability to deliver systems and assist users in turning their systems.

Functional Background:
Taught Programming (1983 to 1986) Miami University
Application Development (FORTRAN, COBOL, HTML, VB)

MBA- Miami University ,MS - Florida State University,BA – Bowling Green State University


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UI Options with Dynamics NAV 2017

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