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PPM98 - A 19-point Inspection for Your Dynamics NAV System

Wednesday, October 11
9:15 AM - 10:15 AM
Room: Ryman Studio PQR

Format: Presentation
Level: Intermediate
CPE: 1
Version: Any

Whether it's been a long time since your original implementation or not, doing a regular review of your setups and processes in Dynamics NAV as your business changes can yield significant improvements. We'll guide you through how to review your impactful setups, such as posting groups, taxes, currencies, subsidiary ledgers, dimensions, and much more. We'll also talk about common missteps with using Dynamics NAV, and check on how your use aligns with standard Dynamics NAV practices. You'll be equipped to assess your own system (and even receive an analysis template) to identify how your use can improve.

Barbara Thompson

Functional Consultant

Barbara has been a NAV user since 2003, when she worked as a Controller and Director of Finance for a public compnay for ten years. She started with version 3.7 and has gradually worked her way through all the versions to nav2017. Where do Controllers go when they are done with the 100 hour weeks, and stress of filing quarterly reports? They work for Partners! True to form Barbara went to work for a Partner, where she happily works as a Functional Consultant, helping her customers not make the NAV mistakes she made, and teaching them all the tricks and nuances of NAV, and now and again fixing their mistakes.
When not working on the computer and sitting in her chair, Barbara is out there trying to do it all; remodelling her home, gardening, sailing and getting her hands on any watercraft she can find to go play in. Each year she has an adventure to awaken her heart and stir her soul. This years adventure is to hike the Milford track in New Zealand, so she is busy training, backpacking in Yosemite, the Appalachian Trail, and up in the Vancouver area. She's terrified of Snakes, but friends with Spiders, and all small creatures. So hunt her down and have a chat about NAV or other things,she's a friendly kiwi girl.


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A 19-point Inspection for Your Dynamics NAV System

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