FIN82 - Talking Nexus Over Wine

Wednesday, October 11
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Room: Ryman Studio HI

Format: Presentation
Level: Basic
CPE: 1
Version: Any

Have you recently heard about nexus, or worse a state has approached you saying you should be paying them sales tax? If sales tax is on your mind, let's enjoy some w(h)ine and talk through the high point. What is nexus? How do I register in a state I have nexus in? How should I collect and remit sales tax? Finally, what are all these forms and how can I prove someone is tax exempt? Sales Tax is a complex matter, but this session should give you a little light in the grey sky, and wine/whine helps.

Learning Objectives:

Andrea Riviezzo


Andrea believes that everyone is her friend, some just don’t know it yet. Why should you be her friend? For one, Andrea is the Controller at Inovonics, an industry leader in high-performance commercial wireless sensor networks, and the Denver Chapter Leader of the Dynamics NAV User Group. She has a passion for accounting, finance, sales tax and MS Excel. Andrea has also founded a non-profit that sent care packages to the troops and is a proud volunteer at the annual Denver Comic Con/Pop Culture Classroom. She graduated from Colorado State with a Finance degree, Regis with an MBA focused on Finance/Accounting and has obtained her CPA. Andrea has lived in Australia and was an avid international backpacker. Overall, you’ll really want to be Andrea’s friend because she loves to travel, spend time with her 2 wonderful children and husband of 8 years, go on adventures, workout, and organize her neighborhood monthly bunco group. Not to mention her love of good food, beaches and animals. Her most notable trait would be she can whisper across a crowded room and always has a good story to tell.


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Talking Nexus Over Wine

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