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Intro to SQL for Accountants & non-DBA’s (repeat)

Tuesday, October 10
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Location: Ryman Studio E located in Ryman Ballroom and Studios (Level 0)

Format: Academy Course
CPE: 4
Preparation: Please bring a Windows PC to class for the Academy’s hands-on training environment from Visilearn called vConnect.

Ever wonder what the folks in IT are doing when you ask them to pull data for you from Dynamics GP? In this class, we will start from the very beginning and teach you the elements of a SQL query with a focus on the Dynamics GP data structure. This is an introductory level class for anyone who wants to know SQL but doesn’t.

SQL allows users to ask a question of the database, and have it answered in a very specific way. Although it may look like gibberish to you today, SQL is one of the most logical languages there is and we intend to make it easy for you to read and write it!

Through interactive lectures and hands on examples, attendees of this class will learn:

•What is SQL and how can it be used in relation to Dynamics GP
•The components of an SQL Select query
•Different ways to connect data sources (JOINS and UNIONS)
•How to find data within Dynamics GP
•SQL Functions that can make queries better
•What to do with your query after it is written

The class will start out assuming attendees know nothing about SQL or programming and will quickly progress them to a point where they can effectively ask a complex question of their Dynamics GP database, as opposed to waiting for someone else to ask it for them.

Learning Objectives: Understand how to employ SQL to get data out of Dynamics GP

Instructor: Rod O'Connor, Briware Solutions Inc.

Audience: Anyone who wants to understand SQL

Level: Beginner

Prerequisites: An open mind and a positive attitude.

Rod O'Connor

Briware Solutions Inc.

Having built a career around ERP software, including time as a consultant, an end user, in IT, and in Accounting I started Briware Solutions to help growing companies solve their business process problems by making the most of their systems and their teams.


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Intro to SQL for Accountants & non-DBA’s (repeat)

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