Supply Chain

GPUG Academy

Inventory Setup, Management, and Reconciliation

Monday, October 9
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: Delta Island C located in Delta Island (Level M)

Format: Academy Course
CPE: 4
Preparation: WIFI access will be provided to Academy students while attending Academy classes.

If you use Microsoft Dynamics GP Inventory Control then this class is for you. Inventory is one of the few “accounting” areas that is constantly moving and doesn’t stop or pause for “month end". As a result, reconciling inventory values to the General Ledger is often a very difficult and laborious task. In this class we will review reconciling options, stock counting, and reporting so you can use GP Inventory Control to control your Inventory, not you!

We’ll begin the class with a brief demonstration of new Inventory Control features of GP 2013, then move on to the math of how inventory is valued using each method. This is crucial to understanding how your inventory should be reconciled to the General Ledger. Next, we’ll perform stock counts and share best practices of stock counts with each other. We’ll discuss how damaged goods affect inventory and values, experiment with various options for dealing with damaged goods (including In-transit Transfers and Purchase Order Processing Returns). Then it’s time for the main event, comparing our inventory value to the values in the General Ledger. Finally, we’ll review available reporting and inquiries to help make this process easier. We will be using GP 2013 for training, but do not worry, there will still be HUGE VALUE in the class for you and highly applicable to your current situation.

This class will focus on Inventory - you'll be provided tools and information on how to validate and support inventory values. We'll review how using Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing affect the quantity and value of Inventory. It's a perfect fit for someone who manages Inventory.

Learning Objectives:
•Understand Valuation Methods & Costs
•Understand how to correctly use Stock Counts
•Give you a game plan (if you do not already have one) for handling "Damaged Goods" using In-Transit Transfers and POP Returns
•Reconciling your Inventory Value to the General Ledger
•Review available Reports and Inquiries

Audience: This class is for Inventory Managers and General Ledger users who assist in Inventory Reconciliation to the General Ledger

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: You must know how to:
•Create an item
•Create Inventory Transactions and Transfers
•Understand Inventory Setup

Training Materials: Will be supplied by the instructor as appropriate.

Delivery Method: Group Live

Leslie Vail


Leslie Vail is a Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP. She has been working as a Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant since its beginning in 1993 with release 1.0. She presents sessions at many partner and customer conferences and conducts training classes throughout North and Central America.
Leslie has been recognized throughout the industry for her product expertise and the contributions she makes to the Dynamics GP Community. She has authored two books and shares her expertise with other authors as a technical editor.
Leslie is a passionate supporter of Dynamics GP with unbridled enthusiasm for getting new users and consultants off to the right start.


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Inventory Setup, Management, and Reconciliation

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