Business Intelligence

GPUG Academy

Power BI and Excel for GP Distribution

Monday, October 9
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Ryman Ballroom C located in Ryman Ballroom and Studios (Level 0)

Format: Academy Course
CPE: 4
Preparation: Please bring your own internet capable Windows PC to class.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Distributions has a treasure of information right inside your database.  Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing and Inventory provide insight into your Distribution business.  What have you purchased?  What have you sold?  Where have you sold it?  What Inventory is old or damaged?  If you use the distribution series, you cannot afford to miss out essential reporting. 

In this class, we'll work on building reports and dashboards that provide answers to the questions above plus a whole lot more.   

Learning Objectives: 
Introduction to Distribution Reporting using Excel and Power BI 
Introduction to Power Maps 
Learning how to build Power BI Reports/Dashboards 
Learning how to build Refreshable Excel Reports 
Experience connecting external data to your GP data in the report 
How to think about getting the right answers AND questions from your BI strategy 
Instructor: Belinda Allen 

Audience: GP Excel users and Developers 

Level: Beginner / Intermediate 

Prerequisites: Students should have a general working knowledge of Excel and Power BI 

Preparation: Students may choose to follow along on their own laptops. If they do they'll need Excel 2016 Standalone, Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Professional Plus or Office 365 E3/E4 Subscriptions. A week or two before the class, students will be provided with where to download tools and sample Excel spreadsheets. NOTE: It is not necessary to follow along on your own laptop to follow along and learn these tools.  Excel 2013 Standalone, Microsoft Office Excel 2013 Professional Plus may also be used if you do not have access to 2016. 

Delivery Method: Group Live 

Belinda Allen

BI Program Manager
PowerGP Online / Njevity, Inc.

Belinda Allen is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Dynamics GP (MVP) and a GPUG (GP User Group) All-Star. Belinda is currently the Business Intelligence Program Manager for the new Azure Cloud based SaaS ERP offering, PowerGP Online. This is an “Amped” up version of the GP we all love, running in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. In this role, she helps both Partners and Customers design and implement BI methodologies, allowing businesses to make decisions based on timely and accurate information.

Belinda has just completed her second book, Building Dashboards with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Second Edition. The first edition of the book was written by Belinda’s close friend and fellow Microsoft MVP, Mark Polino. Her first book, “Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP” was actually co-written with Mark Polino. Both books are available for sale on Amazon.

Belinda is also an inaugural member of the Board of Advisors for PBIUG (Power BI User Group.) In this role she provides her experience to the User Board Members, while they create the foundation for this new organization. The goal is to make Power BI a critical tool in the user’s organizations.
Belinda began implementing ERP systems so long ago that Windows was not an operating system but an application. And at that time, larger businesses used main frames with monitors that projected green type on black backgrounds, and smaller business did their accounting by hand. Having seen the evolution that has taken place over the years from sheets of paper to integrated analytics, Belinda still gets excited every time she helps a business improve.

Belinda is also well known for her blog, On her blog, she shares really useful information about the product quickly and succinctly. She has earned the nickname GP CSI because she excels at reviewing GP problems and figuring what went wrong… and why. With followers from all over the globe, she is able to share knowledge and achieve her mission: “To improve the lives and business success of my followers.”


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Power BI and Excel for GP Distribution

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