Automate and Gain Insights with Time and Attendance

Tuesday, April 4
5:15 PM - 6:15 PM
Room: G105

Format: Presentation
Level: Intermediate
Version: AX 2012 R2; AX 2012 R3

"Confusion never stops, closing walls and ticking clocks". These are not just the words to a popular song. It is reality for the many professionals who have to make commercial decisions without the required information about the production progress. The Time & Attendance and Manufacturing Execution module in Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you stop the confusion and break down the closing walls of production progress.

Learning Objectives:

Fredrik Sætre

Senior Application Consultant
Axdata AS

Situated just outside the picturesque Bergen in Norway, Fredrik is the proud father of two and is an avid technology and Dynamics enthusiast. He is working as a functional application consultant at Axdata.
Loves to solve complex issues and support business processes with smart software adaptations. He also enjoys to write about himself in the third person.
He likes to share his knowledge to co-workers and the public, and is active on community forums as well as having his own blog.
Fredrik started off in computers in the late 1980s with Commodore 64 and IBM 286 computers. His education was within electronics and computer science. This included token ring networking as well as DOS and Novell installations. He has a certificate of apprenticeship in Computer and Office systems. Web technology fascinated him at an early age and he started to develop webpages with a lot of animated GIFs in his teens.
After completing a year conscribed to the Norwegian Royal Airforce as an officer trainee within Explosive Ordonnance Disposal he got his first job at the University of Bergen where he did practical implementation of technology for scientific purposes. This included a lot of work on Linux and Unix systems and he learned more about web scripting and design. Participated on two expeditions to Svalbard and North East part of the North sea preparing scientific systems for deployment.
From 2004 to 2008 he worked within telecommunications and worked both within professional B2B sales and retail as a clerk and manager.
Fredrik started working at Axdata in January 2008 and has experience from Axapta 3.0 and onwards. He gained experience within Distribution and Manufacturing working with multiple companies within different types of manufacturing styles and trade.
In 2016 he was awarded his first MVP award and also started hosting "The Dynamics Podcast" together with his colleague, fellow MVP and countryman Tommy Skaue. The MVP was re-awarded in 2017 and he continues to participate on his journey on expanding his knowledge and tackling the real hard questions in life, like how to configure the best possible Dynamics 365 for Operations solution.


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Automate and Gain Insights with Time and Attendance

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