Hands on Labs


GEN06 - Hands on Labs - Open Hours (D365UG|CRMUG)

Friday, October 13
8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Location: Belmont C - Magnolia Mezzanine Level M

Format: Hands on Lab

Is it as easy as it looks? Well find out for yourself! A question pondered by so many attending Summit Nashville when witnessing a cutting edge demonstration can now be your sought after experience with D365UG|CRMUG Hands on Labs - Open Hours! Dynamics 365 can literally be at your fingertips in joining these open lab hours to experience and increase your adoption of these dynamic capabilities. Choose from a multiple of labs below, work at your own pace on one of the workstations provided and expert room moderators will help at the ready to offer assistance or as needed.

Labs Offered:
- Business Rule Designer
- Business Process Flow
- Build Apps
- Customize the Sitemap
- Work with Document Templates, Editable Grids, Customer Service
- Explore Configuration & Customization Options
- Understand Learning Path and more!

Hands on labs are for anyone looking to gain experience or to extend their working knowledge on any of our topics offered. Take some time to try out new things in a safe environment that you can't break, with experts available to help when you need it. Working trial environments and learning documents will be available while attending and utilizing hands on labs.


Hands on Labs - Open Hours (D365UG|CRMUG)

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