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ADF14 - Cheekwood Chats: New-2-Administration Dealing with Your People!

Friday, October 13
9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
Location: Cheekwood D - Magnolia Mezzanine Level M

Format: Roundtable
Level: Basic

As a new Dynamics 365/CRM Administrator how do you best cope, deal, or manage the requests for this view, a field on that form, a report that gives me that, etc…?  This cheekwood chat is aimed at sharing best practices to managing to your users and the varied requests that come with them.  Note: Cheekwood Chats are smaller roundtable settings where no PowerPoint or formal presentation will be given, they are meant to be discussion oriented with attendee participation.  

Patrick Wright

Marketing Technology Lead
Cherry Bekaert LLP

After a rewarding career as a Latin teacher, Patrick Wright moved into the world of corporate America. From the start he worked with various CRM systems. Three years ago, he discovered CRMUG and began serving as a co-founder and Chapter Leader for the newly created Central Virginia group. He’s recently completed a reimplementation project to move his company from 4.0 to online including two different integration setups. Patrick has completed the CRMUG Administrator Black Belt program. He's excited to present to and learn from some of the greatest professionals in the world.


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Cheekwood Chats: New-2-Administration Dealing with Your People!

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