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ENT06 - Mitigating the Top 10 Risks in Dynamics 365 for CE Projects

Friday, October 13
1:15 PM - 2:15 PM
Location: Cheekwood GH - Magnolia Mezzanine Level M

Format: Presentation
Level: Basic

Over the last 20 years, across the entire CRM Industry of technology companies, failure has been a common trend and this trend costs companies real dollars. One of the best ways to reduce the chance of a failed CRM project, is to kick off risk mitigation with the entire team early and often. Come to this season to learn about the risks that need to be discussed and mitigated no matter who your team is, no matter what methodology or style of working your company invests in. An Experience from the field session of empowerment for business leaders, partners, consultants and end users. 

Learning Objectives:

Anne Stanton

Dynamics 365 Architect
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Anne Stanton is a senior consultant who is focused on the customer. She uses a knowledge shared, knowledge gained approach to empower people and teams so that they can meet the high demands of this fast paced technical world. An experienced leader, she has focused her career on empowering businesses with technology. She started with a background in software development, but grew into a long time passion for applications and configuration. Anne is a publish author, blogger and consultant with 14 years of focused experience working with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Anne has presented at numerous industry events from small audiences (~20 people) to larger audiences (~few hundred people). Over the years you might have seen Anne at other CRM User Group meetings or at industry events such as the American Institute of CPA's Industry conference, the Association of Accounting Marketers National Conference, the AICPA Tech Conferences, the Software Association of New Hampshire events, Microsoft Convergence, Dynamics Virtual World, the Upper Valley Computer Industry Association monthly meetings, Microsoft TechReady or Information Technology Alliance events.
Anne's sessions are designed to bring field experience and lessons learned to a wide range of industry and technical audience members.


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Mitigating the Top 10 Risks in Dynamics 365 for CE Projects

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