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UAD09 - User Adoption Success Panel

Wednesday, October 11
4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
Location: Cheekwood GH - Magnolia Mezzanine Level M

Format: Ask the Experts
Level: Intermediate

This is a panel made up of End User Customers where we will discuss User Adoption Strategies in these 3 areas, Planning, Deployment, Training & Support

Rick McCutcheon

Full Contact Selling

Rick McCutcheon, CRM and social selling speaker, coach and workshop director.

Rick is a Dynamics 365 CRM MVP with expertise in sales process design, social selling and CRM strategies. Rick has been involved in the CRM industry since 1990 as a company founder, senior executive, reseller, industry association board member, educator consultant and professional speaker. He is the creator of the Full Contact Selling (FCS) methodology for Dynamics CRM.

FCS delivers a unique advantage over traditional sales force automation and CRM methodologies by fully integrating the three key areas of sales productivity 1.) Proven business practices and processes 2.) The development of people skills and 3.) Best practice use of CRM and related technologies.

Rick is a much sought out speaker and workshop leader drawing on his over 20years of real world experience working onhundreds of CRM and sales force automation initiatives. He has delivered his practical yet innovative messages on improved sales performance and sales management to thousands of business professionals from the SMB market-place to major international corporations. His examples and stories are “real-world.” His style is ‘uniquely appealing’ and ‘tremendously credible.’


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Melita Bouchet

Marketing Manager/CRM Technologist


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Jennifer A. Codding

IT Business Analyst
CMC Group

I have been an AX user for the last 8 years. Currently serving as the IT Business Analyst for CMC Group, I am the link between the business and IT in terms of what is needed from the system. We discuss requirements, alternative solutions, process changes and enhancements, and well as other needs.
My history with Dynamics products began in 2012. I was a team leader on the implementation team for AX 2012 Feature Pack in 2012. I worked with the sales, graphics, customer service, and other areas of the business to make sure the system and processes worked for the team functions. Some years later at the request of the sales team, they wanted a better way to manage customer interactions. In 2015 we implemented CRM 2015, I was the business analyst at that time so I again worked with all areas to ensure acceptance as well as process development in addition to system modifications to ensure smooth operations for our teams. In 2017, we upgrade CRM 2015 to CRM 2016 while a small update, there were many new areas to explore in use and acceptable for our teams. We understand we will be moving to D365 for Operations as well as Sales in the next couple of years. Taking what we have learned about how we have done things in the past, we are preparing now for the move. We will do a new implementation for operations as opposed to an upgrade to account for process and system changes that have occurred since our last deployment. To date, I have assisted in developing and launching AX and CRM to our international divisions including Canada and the UK in addition to our US Site.


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Neven Bradasevic

CRM Manager - Canada
Colliers International

I manage our Canadian CRM at Colliers International with 8+ years experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. My experience at Colliers spans many different roles over the years which has given me the opportunity to build relationships with the sales team, executive management, and operations teams to fully understand the business and execute a successful CRM. I oversee the continual improvement of our CRM and strategize with executive management with the goal of increasing user adoption.


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User Adoption Success Panel

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