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ADC10 - Deal of the Day: Conquering Dirty Data

Thursday, October 12
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Location: Cheekwood AB - Magnolia Mezzanine Level M

Format: Presentation
Level: Basic

Are you sick of having dirty data? Find yourself looking for TNT to blow your system up so you can start again with “good data practices”? Ever hear yourself say “ugh, I wish I just had time to tidy that up!”. Well, kiss those day dreams goodbye! Join Caroline and Malcolm for a data integrity bootcamp where we’ll talk about simple, out of the box, REAL LIFE steps you can take to finally conquer the gremlin that is ’dirty data’.

Learning Objectives:

Malcolm McAuley

Director, Information Systems
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

In 2010, Malcolm was asked to lead the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization in Canada through their implementation of Dynamics CRM Online. Over 100 offices and 800 users later, he continues to push the envelope of CRM use. In 2015 the organization extended their CRM system to include a donation and constituent management software developed by their Microsoft Partner. Presently the organization is rolling out an online donation, peer-to-peer and event registration addition to the system with an aim to increase donation revenue and constituent registration. A relentless overacheiver, Malcolm frequently completes 45 minute workout routines in half the time without breaking a sweat. A firm believer that technology can be a conduit to organizational efficiency, Malcolm is thrilled to be attending CRMUG to share some of his experiences and learn from others.


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Caroline R. Martin

Senior Associate, CRM Analyst
The Bridgespan Group

Soon after joining Bridgespan in 2011, Caroline emerged from the safety of her newbie cocoon and blossomed into the charismatic CRM enforcer she is known as today.
Her main gig consists of creating custom solutions for tracking data, leading data initiatives for Bridgespan's global network, and conducting tailored trainings for nearly 250 users in four offices.
A theatrical person at heart, Caroline studied video editing so her job could also consist of collaborating on entertaining, morale-boosting videos for her company. Highlights include "An Upgrade to Remember," a love story starring down-on-her-luck CRM 2011 who Longbottoms (matures) into the witty, more sophisticated CRM 2013, and "The Knowledge Champion," which romanticizes a data-entry role junior consulting staff members fill for knowledge capture. Both were irrefutable hits.
Caroline holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from Iowa State University and is elated to be participating in her second CRMUG Summit.


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Deal of the Day: Conquering Dirty Data

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