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ADF08 - The Advanced Basics: Where Do I Go Next as a CRM Admin?

Thursday, October 12
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Location: Magnolia Ballroom

Format: Presentation
Level: Intermediate

As you travel down the road to becoming a great CRM Administrator there are many skills you have to master. In this second session of our two-part series, we’ll demonstrate how-to’s beyond the basics for developing your Advanced Find skills, learning data management techniques along with their advantages and disadvantages, and understanding security. In addition, we will give an overview of Workflows and other automation techniques. This will give you a map of your administrator travels so you can see all of the learning opportunities ahead!

Learning Objectives:

Kylie Kiser

Supervisor, CRM System
Financial Services Firm

Kylie Kiser has been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since 2010. In this time, she has assisted with an upgrade for a system with 1,500+ users as well as worked on and refined complex customizations.As part of the CRM User Group, Kylie was named a CRMUG All-Star in 2015. In addition, she serves as a Chapter Leader for Washington, DC for which she was named CRMUG Chapter Leader of the year in 2016. In addition, Kylie’s blog “KRM: Kylie’s Research Management” recaps current news in the CRM Community. This is her second year speaking at Summit. Kylie has also presented at chapter meetings, local user conferences and virtual events.


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Patrick Wright

Marketing Technology Lead
Cherry Bekaert LLP

After a rewarding career as a Latin teacher, Patrick Wright moved into the world of corporate America. From the start he worked with various CRM systems. Three years ago, he discovered CRMUG and began serving as a co-founder and Chapter Leader for the newly created Central Virginia group. He’s recently completed a reimplementation project to move his company from 4.0 to online including two different integration setups. Patrick has completed the CRMUG Administrator Black Belt program. He's excited to present to and learn from some of the greatest professionals in the world.


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The Advanced Basics: Where Do I Go Next as a CRM Admin?

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