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LEA05 - The Philosophical CRM Admin - An ITIL Approach

Thursday, October 12
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Location: Hermitage E

Format: Presentation
Level: Basic

As an IT guy/gal in a world full of rules, policies, strict procedures and regulations, part of your duty is to remove hindrances and interference, while assisting the business to increase user adoption on all systems.  Clearly, that doesn’t mean disregarding rules/policies/procedures/etc. just for convenience (or to look like a nice guy); rather, it means helping users understand and function within the restrictions and limitations of the organizational requirements.  Let’s all circle up, work to dispel some of those pesky misconceptions about IT administration, and come to a new understanding of how IT and end users might function symbiotically

Learning Objectives:

Erik HURRICANE. Guthrie

IT Data & Business Applications Group Manager
Spectra Logic Corporation

"Try anything once, twice if ya like it. There is something to be gained from every adventure." These are words I live by, and carry with me in everything I do. From my rural Nebraska farm upbringing to my suburban formative years, followed by a non-traditional college experience, and dabbling in a broad spectrum of careers ranging from reproductive health to international logistics to coffee shop design to medical transport aviation, I may have ultimately found my niche in IT Management. And while database administration has my heart, all things CRM have my soul. I believe every interaction with another person has the potential to become a relationship, and isn’t that what CRM is all about, Relationship Management? Seems like a natural fit to me. So come hang out, let’s chat for a bit, maybe build a relationship.

Also, I like long walks on the beach, piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain


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The Philosophical CRM Admin - An ITIL Approach

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