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ADF12 - A Tinder Understanding: Relationships & Entities

Friday, October 13
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Location: Magnolia Ballroom

Format: Presentation
Level: Intermediate

If these don't match, you may be failing before you even begin.  Be sure to understand the uses of system, business, or custom entities and the relationship models that result because of them.   Before your users can make sense of your data, swipe right and ensure the data model matches up for optimal relationship & entity understanding!

Learning Objectives:

Melissa Erickson

Director of Systems & Engagement
Dynamic Communities

Passionate about teaching CRM to others. Over 9 years of experience with Dynamics CRM since version 3.0. Melissa prides herself on being a true end user consultant, always working from an end user perspective and always trying to find solutions that can be completed out of the box.


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Ashley Steiner

CRM Administrator
Dynamic Communities

Ashley Steiner is the CRM Administrator at Dynamic Communities providing system management and support while driving strategic initiatives for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Ashley has been administering Dynamics CRM since version 4.0, giving her varied experience with implementation and software upgrades. Her focus on integration of business processes within technology as a means to ensure consistency and accountability sets her apart as an invaluable business partner. She is the co-leader of the CRM Online Special Interest Group with the CRMUG and has been invited to speak at Convergence, Microsoft’s S4 Summit, and various CRMUG chapter meetings. Ashley was awarded the 2016 CRMUG All-Star Award at CRMUG Summit Tampa. Ashley is based in the Milwaukee, WI area and enjoys traveling to warmer climates during the winter months.


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A Tinder Understanding: Relationships & Entities

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