UPG04 - Anatomy of a Successful CRM Upgrade Project

Thursday, October 12
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: Hermitage A

Format: Member Showcase
Level: Basic

Join this session to hear the reasons, successes, and even challenges in making CRM upgrade projects a success story. Hear perspective and guidance from a PMP and Dynamics CRM IT systems owner. This presentation will share best practices, real life perspectives and helpful tips from successful CRM on premise upgrade projects.  Sharing what worked and how it came in on time, on budget, and with little or no post implementation issues. 

Learning Objectives:

Donna R. Liotta

Business Applications Development Manager
National Safety Council

For Donna Liotta, it’s always been about the work. “I love what I do,” she says. “I like to play with the toys, see the project come together. I get great satisfaction when I see a program do what it’s supposed to do.
“I have that passion,” she explains.
Donna’s passion for her work has its source in a healthy curiosity about the way things work—and the way they work best.
When she first went to college, Donna followed an eclectic course of study that ranged from Basket Weaving to Conversational German and also included Advertising and Copywriting. “I never had a career plan,” she laughs. “I just followed my curiosity.”
Her husband took note of her wide-ranging intellect, her adaptability, and her love of new things, and commented, “You’d be great with computers.”
Donna thought he was kidding—but he persisted, and “I took a class just to shut him up,” she laughs. To her surprise, she fell in love with the hands-on involvement, continual challenges, and ever–present excitement of the new. She became a computer major and never looked back.
Over the years, Donna has kept her passion while growing her skills through her work as a project manager and a programmer for Fortune 500 firms as well as small and mid-size companies in a variety of industries. This varied experience gives her a well-rounded understanding of people, projects, processes, business, and technology, which she brings to every opportunity. As a PMP, Donna revels in the disparate requirements for projects, discovering the business rules and helping project teams get their projects from the beginning phase to a successful finish.
She takes pride in being a coach who takes pride in watching her staffs’ competence grow. “I like to be successful,” Donna grins. “And I like to help other people be successful too.”


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Anatomy of a Successful CRM Upgrade Project

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